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Santhanagopalayanthram : This “Yanthram” is worn by couples to have children and for the prosperity of the child. 


Rajagopalayanthram : This “Yanthram” is worn for all round development and to gain popularity and attention 


Purushasookthayanthram : This “Yanthram” is worn for good health followed by fame,popularity and destroys evil. 


Dhanwantharee yanthram : This “Yanthram” is worn to get cured from diseases and gain salvation. 

Varaha yanthram : This “Yanthram” is worn to get prosperity from all spheres. 


Narasimha yanthram : This “Yanthram” is worn to demolish the enemy or it is known at “Shathrusamharam” yantrham. 


Sree Rama yanthram : This “Yanthram” is worn to win over the enemy, keep good health and wealth.   


Mahasudarshana yanthram : This “Yanthram” is worn for destroying the enemy and over all prosperity. 

Aghora yanthram : This “Yanthram” is worn to avoid the bad times and after effects evolving out the bad time (psychological effects) from ill health and fear.


Mrithyunjaya yanthram : This “Yanthram” is worn to cure diseases and for better health. 

Sarabha yanthram : This “Yanthram” is worn to get relieved from bad spirits.


Saiva yanthram : This “Yanthram” is worn to get cured from diseases, better lifespan, getting blessed with children, health wealth & prosperity.


Apadudharana yanthram : This “Yanthram” is worn to survive during Hardtimes and emerge victorious. 


Sree yanthram : This “Yanthram” is worn for prosperity from all spheres in form of Dhana Dhanya Aishwaryam.


Ashwarooda yanthram : This “Yanthram” is worn to attract peoples attention. 


Swayam vara yanthram : This “Yanthram” is worn for getting married.


Soolini yanthram : This “Yanthram” is worn to avoid badtimes, bad people, sarpa bhayam.

Prathyangira yanthram : This “Yanthram” is worn to avoid from the ill effects being caused by the enemies. 


Mahalakshmi yanthram : This “Yanthram” is worn to have health, wealth and prosperity from all spheres.   


Durga yanthram : This “Yanthram” is worn to avoid the fear created out of theft,Burglary, Smuggling etc also to avoid from the above in totality and also to stay away from the ill effects caused bad spirits. 


Bala yanthram : This “Yanthram” is worn to scale new heights in field of education, improves memory, courage and increase life span. 


Karthaveeryarjuna yanthram : This “Yanthram” is worn to emerge victorious and overcome the problems related prosperity, legal issues of financial dealings.


Pathivashya yanthram : This “Yanthram” is worn for a good married life and the best of compatibility. 


Balaraksha yanthram : This “Yanthram” is worn by children prevented against diseases. 


Vidya rajagopala yanthram : This “Yanthram” is worn by people for Higher education.


Sasthre yanthram : This “Yanthram” is worn to avoid from the ill effects caused by Saturn or shani. 


Vasthu purusha yanthram : This “Yanthram” is placed at home to avoid the ill effects caused by vasthu.


Tripura sundhari yanthram : This “Yanthram” is worn for over all prosperity and get relieved from Bad spirits. 


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