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Muhurtham or " Auspicious time " Is the best remedial measure in astrology. Select best Muhurtham possible to all important occasions like marriage, stat new business. Namakaranam, Annaprasnam ,Sekam ,Seemantham,Karnavedham ,Grehapravesam , Grehaarambham , Ashtabandhakalasam ,Prathista kalasam , amavarthanam ,Nira ,Puthari , Vidya Vedarambham , Upanayanam ,Choulam ,Vratha Godanan , all details of this Muhurtham are in the BHRATHA PANCHANGAM AND KERALA PANCHANGAM. If any one want to know direct from Astrologer a date of Muhurtham send e-mail to us.For this, service charge is Rs 501.






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