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Astrology is the only fool-proof method to find out the influence of the heavenly bodies upon mundane affairs and in particular upon human being.During the vedic period, Astrology have been contributed to the people by the dedicated seekers of truth for future welfare of humanity.It is said that Astrology is an important limb of Veda.Vedas six limbs are Jyothisham(Astrology-eye), Kalpam(ceremonial-hands), Niruktham(Etymology & glossary-ears), Siksha(Phonetics & Euphony)-nose) and Vyakaran( Grammer-face) and Chhadas( meter-feet).Thus,Astrology is the eye of Veda and hence it is treated as an important part of Veda.

It may seem to you superstitious and childish to consult your forcast based on astrology.You may notice that you have experienced difficulties on certain days or during a month or over a certain period where as the other days passed away smoothly.You would have also noticed during the past and will certainly in future also you get on very well with certain people whereas you cannot stand with others.Planets are formed of cosmic matarials.We are also formed of cosmic materials and therefore the cosmic forces contained in planets exert an influence on us.This can be easly explained as follows.The moon can influence water and hence causes ebb and flow of tide. Human body consists of about 70 percent of water.It has been scientificaly proved that the bodily fluids flow more freely on the day of full moon.More bleeding during surgery and increased mental anguish of mentally disturbed people on full Moon days are clear indicators of Moon's influence on human being.You may argue that there are lot of differences and variations among people born under the same sign but you can notice the reality that they all have the same approach to their life and their way of handling the situations.

In olden days people had used Astrology widely because the integrity of those who handled it were truly from thorough knowledge and expertise and over all with the Grace of Almighty. Subsenquently, the quality of persons and the virtue of their findings became the object of faith.The knowledge which is imparted to the successors is also became a matter of concern. Astrological predictions are based on scientifc calculations of various aspects of planetary constellations. It is a fact that theoretical knowledge is not sufficient to master Astrology. Accurate predictions can be made only through thorough knowledge of the subject and experience procurred from astrological sessions with the masters during the period of astrological education.

And finally, we need to realise that Astrology is not a fortune teller. We are bound to perform our Karma(Act) and our whole success or failure depends on this Karma. Choice is ours to do right or wrong. Knowingly or unknowingly if we start doing wrong things our smoothness in life will gradually disappears and life will become miserable. Astrology is a supernatural Guide which can help us to solve the problems by performing various remedial measures according to the theory of astrology. Also Astrolgoy can be definitely be used for our well being during the life tenure.

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